Friday, September 30, 2011

Occupy My Imagination - The beginning of Awareness

   It was a seemingly "normal" day on Twitter. The usual banter of slogans and partisan back-and-forth that generally provides at least a glimpse into the core issues and talking points of the moment. Occasionally I'd see a tweet with the odd, but intriguing, "occupywallstreet" hashtag and think, "oh ya, the love-in".
   The basic message from the tweets being a disappointment with the "media" for their lack of coverage. "What's there to cover?", I would think. As the tweets began to multiply and my normally diverse stream slowly morphed into a stream of lament over the absence of major networks offering publicity for the 300 or so "leaderless" protestors,  my frustration began to build. "Make the protest impossible to ignore", I finally tweeted. There! I sure told them and they sure can't say I didn't try to "help", huh? In fact, what I had really just done was to "buy in" to the movement, although I'm quite certain there are others in my stream that thought I was just another Corporatist enabler. And as if the hand of fate actually exists, a New York Police Officer with a serious case of  "You will respect my authoritarrr!" went on a cowardly rampage of vigilante mace spraying.
   As is often the case, this act of authoritarian "discipline" had a reverse effect from it's intention. Instead of quieting or discouraging the protest, it has ignited the media coverage and brought new momentum and resolve to the movement. As my Twitter stream exploded in "can you believe this?" tweets providing links to videos of abuse of authority, I couldn't help but think that it will be quite impossible for the "media" to ignore #occupywallstreet now.