Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What IS Chistianity?

   A lot of talk about religion and Christianity again. America has a tendency to go "religious" during times of dynamic change. The "big question" starts intruding on everyone's thoughts..."Why am I here? What is the meaning of life?". Or more pertinently, what is the meaning of "my life" and what the hell is the reward? Heaven? Or is it more important to see women give birth to other babies that were as unloved and ignored as me? Ah yes, the Republican slash Conservative dilemma. Yep, we're witnessing the mass public mental breakdown of the Grand Old Party that has become the American Spectacle.
   There are plenty of Republicans that honestly believe it's a worthy debate to be had. To debate whether a candidate's "religiosity" is legitimate. Why? Because they're ignorant fools that haven't really studied their own alleged "Christianity" or religiosity enough to know that the basic tenet of any religion is to simply NOT judge others. Forget that "lest ye be judged" crap. That's just filler from translation. That's the human interference that suggests if you're "worthy enough" you can judge without fear of reprisal. Sorry folks, but if you're really worthy of judging, the primary qualifier is that you will never judge anyone.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Expanding the Universe of Awesome

   I'm not quite sure when I "created" this blog. I suppose I could look at my incomplete profile and somewhere in the brief description it will likely have the date. I'm pretty sure it was just before the 2010 midterms, but it's really not that important. What IS important is that it was simple to sign up and I have a place I can link to when I want to write an expanded tweet or I just have something to add to a broader discussion. You see, I'm not a dedicated "blogger". Just like I'm not a dedicated video producer. So where am I heading with this? The Goldie Taylor Project.


  Now here's what you want to do. Go to YouTube and register for an account. You get a really cool "Channel" page that you can play with and customize if you want, but the really cool thing? You can "Subscribe" to Goldie Taylor's channel! And THAT helps Goldie get the Truth out, because the truth matters. When you subscribe, you help Goldie reach "Partner" status which means she can get paid and make even more videos about the truth! And the best part? It doesn't cost you anything! It takes about 5 minutes to register and you don't "have to" use your channel page, although they are pretty awesome. But what's even better is that when you visit YouTube again, it will automatically display new videos from your subscriptions on the homepage! You don't have to "seek out" Goldie's channel, she comes right up to you and says "click here" and voila! The Truth!
   It's only 5 minutes and it's important. Are you up to it? Click here: The Goldie Taylor Project: The Truth Matters

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still Asking Susan G Komen for the Cure to Change Their Decision?

   The decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood was made a long time ago, behind closed doors in a "Board Room". It was made "quietly", Nancy Brinker has explained. A quiet decision intended to be kept quiet, because there are no politics involved and transparency is undoubtedly a prized virtue among the "No Choice" leaders that have hijacked a once apolitical and respected charitable nonprofit. In case you missed it, I was being sarcastic.
   The time to "rethink" their decision has long passed. It's too late for that. The Susan G Komen for the Cure "nonprofit" has been transformed into more than a source of funding. It is now a source of influence and political statement. It is a source of intimidation and support for the minority of Americans that advocate a "No Choice" position with regard to aborting a pregnancy for any reason, including those pregnancies that endanger a woman's life or are the result of rape. They have become what Nancy Brinker continues to argue they never would be, a politically motivated "nonprofit" reliant upon networked professionals (as opposed to grassroots activists).
   Petitioning for a different outcome is akin to asking a cheating spouse or partner to stop. The bond of trust is broken, the path to reconciliation inherently requires a period of separation and ultimately, the "cheater" has to make the final decision for themselves, not for you. Just let go, secure in the knowledge that those pink sweatshirts* really only contributed a couple pennies on the dollar to those women who are truly in need of our support. Stop asking the nonprofit behemoth to change their ways, and lets change ours.
   For more information on alternate charities: Shoq Value - Contribute directly to Planned Parenthood

  * It should be noted that not all pink items are directly associated with the Susan G Kormen for the Cure nonprofit.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Twitter list of Celebrity Donors to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Look to the Stars provides a list of "notables" that contribute to the famously pink charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I've done my best to provide their Twitter names to give you an opportunity to politely state your concerns regarding their recent to decision to discontinue their relationship with Planned Parenthood.
Aimee Teegarden - @Aimeeteegarden
Ellen DeGeneres - @TheEllenShow
Kimberly Locke - @KimberleyLocke
Ann Curry- @AnnCurry
Erin Pac -unconfirmed
Krisily Kennedy - @krisily
Barbara Bush - unconfirmed
Five For Fighting -
Laura Bush - @LauraWBush
Brandon Tyler Russell - @IllinoisActor
George W. Bush - @GeorgeBush
Marcia Cross - @ReallyMarcia
Candy Coburn - @CandyCoburn
Gloria Gaynor - unconfirmed
Mimi Rogers - @mimirogers
Christian Kane - @ChristianKane01
James Denton -n/a
Neil Patrick Harris - @ActuallyNPH
Christie Brinkley - @seabrinkley
James Woods - n/a
Trent Tucker - @TuckerAll4Kids
Cynthia Nixon - n/a
Jennifer Tilly - @Jennifer_Tilly
Trisha Yearwood - @TYcom
Dorothy Hamill - @DorothyHamill
Jenny Jones - n/a
Vanessa Hudgens - @VHOfficial
Ebony Steele - @EbonySteele
John Ondrasik - @johnondrasik
Vida Guerra - @VidaGuerra
Elizabeth Hasselback - @ehasselbeck
Kay Panabaker - @KayPanabaker

Disclaimer time! I've done my best to confirm these accounts, but we all know that accounts are sometimes abandoned, unused or not exactly verified. Please view the timelines before tweeting and remember to be polite, please. The purpose is to raise awareness.