Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Progress - Tea Party style

The Washington Post Headline reads:
British Budget Cuts to Include Nearly 500k job losses

   While the headline is a bit "wordy", the article itself is quite short and to the point. According to the "Coalition government", Britain is simply "broke". They have "no money". And it all happened in just a year or two, imagine that. Slightly less than 500,000 people will lose their jobs in the next 4 years as a DIRECT result of the looming "poverty plan" set for a vote in the Parliament (expected to pass). 
   Sound familiar? In America, the Republican Party is advocating a "poverty plan" of their own. Stop ALL "discretionary spending", in fact, just "stop everything" (except military spending, of course). And that IS a "fact". And the headline will read:
Republican Plan for Poverty Works! America is Poor

   Progress is a funny, fickle thing sometimes. Two steps forward...and then we elect Republicans (Conservatives) to "reign in" our progress and remind us that there really is an uber-wealthy "class" that cannot be knocked from their perch, even if it means the "common folk" lose their jobs and homes and schools and retirement accounts and disability safety nets and, essentially, their free will. Are Americans really so desperate they will turn to the Corporate Masters and "Masters of the Universe" to lead them like sheep to the slaughter? The elimination of health care as a basic right. The elimination of simple minimum wage requirements for your labor. The elimination of a guaranteed education. The elimination of freedom to practice the religion of your choice. The elimination of safety requirements for your workplace and yes, your FOOD. The elimination of MILLIONS of JOBS that forces Americans to accept housing and food in return for their labor because the "competitive labor market" drives wages down to the basic necessities? In other words, slavery is reborn under a new name and called "employment". Ah yes, my inner "spoiled brat" liberal has come to the surface, eh? 

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