Thursday, September 6, 2012

Bring on the Big Mo'!

   While I'm not expecting a big bump from the Convention, no matter how wildly successful it has been, I can't help but believe there is a momentum building.
   A basic premise that I subscribe to is the notion that a movement, a campaign or a marketing plan cannot succeed if the foundation is built on a negative. Imagine Apple advertising to "not buy Samsung" matter how flowery the prose, the basic message doesn't inspire the consumer. To make matters worse, Apple continues the ad by saying Samsung phones cause cancer and we hate cancer so you must hate Samsung. It just doesn't have that "ring" to it, ya know? Get it?
   It's Day Three of the Democratic National Convention, but it's really Day One of the Campaign to reelect President Obama. Until last night, it's been primarily a game of rope-a-dope. The President has allowed the Republicans to go way out on the limbs with only minor push-back on flagrant lies. In fact, less of a push-back and more of an exercise in narrative building. Forcing the Republicans to dig in their heels on the issues that divide, rather than promoting new ideas on policy. The Republican National Convention reflected the message President Obama wanted (and most Democrats expected) the Nation to see...a very offensive, angry message of "We are taking America (back) from YOU". The entire theme was built around the idea that Republicans are the "owners" of America and the rest of the citizens? They really don't matter. They aren't pure enough or qualified enough or wealthy enough or Christian enough...a very exclusive club. Ironically, it's the Republicans that are fond of using the term "Plantation", seems to be more projection, doesn't it?
   I'm not trying to say President Obama is this masterful politician that has Republicans doing everything and anything he desires. The obstruction is certainly NOT something the President desires. I am saying the President and his team have done a masterful job at converting political stunts and ploys into a language that the average American voter can understand and evaluate. And I'm fairly confident that when it comes to the issue of trust, the President has earned that "likeability" with more than his crooning or his contagious smile. And it's that trust that will win this election for America. It's a trust that isn't granted because of wealth. It's a trust that cannot be bought. It's a trust that isn't fleeting. It's a trust that can bring momentum.

Enjoy the Convention

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