Friday, May 3, 2013

Twitter Politics

   Just about the time I was preparing for my vacation from Twitter politics, I vaguely remember some invitations to "Unite Blue" and there was some reference to "Connect The Left" in there somewhere. In the past, I would usually click on follow if a new follower had the CTL hashtag in their bio. Safe, harmless and I have applied the same basic formula to new UniteBlue followers when I returned. But I've noticed a significant change in twitter habits among the Unite Blue crowd. They seem to be operating under some guideline that requires the UB hashtag and avoids using the open source, unaffiliated "#p2" that was fundamental in facilitating dialogue and messaging through the 2012 elections.
   First, I haven't bothered to research into the UB forums or even broach the subject on Twitter, but regardless of whether it is a formal or informal guideline, it's not a healthy development. Ideology tied to a specific organization under the auspices of a supervisory "board" for the sole purpose of driving membership numbers and creating a culture of exclusivity with "perks"...that's the basic formula for the Pro-life orgs, the Tea Party, The Breitbartians and the spin-offs. Second, while I haven't researched, I'm well aware of a twitter "beef" simmering below the surface and the numerous blogs questioning the motives behind Unite Blue. I haven't read many of the blogs as I've tried to preserve a more naive perspective and just "let it play out".
   At this point, I'm merely suggesting you dedicate 3 of your 140 characters to #p2. To continue the tradition of open source progressivism and liberalism, unfettered by organizational ties or loyalties. A hashtag that was truly created by the grassroots FOR the grassroots. Thanks for your time.


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