Monday, October 29, 2012

Willard Romney Says Voters Are Just Plain Dumb

   Within minutes of hearing the GOP Presidential candidate blurt out the "news" in Ohio that Chrysler was planning to move all production of Jeeps to China, I had already googled and read three separate articles from industry-specific websites with a very different interpretation of the Chrysler news. Instead of moving production, Chrysler had announced expanding production with plans to hire 1100 more American workers. In addition, the automaker has plans to return to producing Jeep vehicles in China after leaving the market in 2009.
   That's right, Chrysler is returning to China where they have manufactured vehicles in the past. I even read the cited Bloomberg report, trying to understand how Romney could misunderstand the obvious good news of the Chrysler expansion. While some recent articles have bent the truth to say the Bloomberg report was poorly worded, the more pertinent question is why Romney would make such an astounding observation without at least checking one or two other sources, like maybe Chrysler headquarters? After all, Mitt Romney claims to be a "car guy", a "Son of Detroit". Surely he has expanded his network to include US Automakers, right? But as we know, Romney has no interest in the pesky details like "the truth" or "the facts" that would undermine a perfect opportunity to send waves of panic through Union households and Small Business owners that rely on Chrysler for their livelihood. And why should Romney assume anyone would bother to fact-check?
   I make it quite clear that I'm no fan of Mitt Romney. It's not because I think he is "evil" or "heartless". I have absolutely no respect for Romney because he has absolutely no respect for anyone outside of his family. This entire narrative about Chrysler is built around the assumption that the American voter is just too dumb to know any better. He assumes that because he's built a fortune by manipulating business owners into huge long term debt loads, that he can certainly pull the wool over a simple voter's eyes. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, a full three days after his "Big Ohio Lie" was originally fact-checked, the Romney campaign produces an ad that literally quadruples-down on his original bet. That bet he made that American voters are just plain dumb. Get out and vote for a President that "bets on the American Worker", not the guy that bets against you and your family every chance he gets.

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