Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Twitter list of Celebrity Donors to Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Look to the Stars provides a list of "notables" that contribute to the famously pink charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure. I've done my best to provide their Twitter names to give you an opportunity to politely state your concerns regarding their recent to decision to discontinue their relationship with Planned Parenthood.
Aimee Teegarden - @Aimeeteegarden
Ellen DeGeneres - @TheEllenShow
Kimberly Locke - @KimberleyLocke
Ann Curry- @AnnCurry
Erin Pac -unconfirmed
Krisily Kennedy - @krisily
Barbara Bush - unconfirmed
Five For Fighting -
Laura Bush - @LauraWBush
Brandon Tyler Russell - @IllinoisActor
George W. Bush - @GeorgeBush
Marcia Cross - @ReallyMarcia
Candy Coburn - @CandyCoburn
Gloria Gaynor - unconfirmed
Mimi Rogers - @mimirogers
Christian Kane - @ChristianKane01
James Denton -n/a
Neil Patrick Harris - @ActuallyNPH
Christie Brinkley - @seabrinkley
James Woods - n/a
Trent Tucker - @TuckerAll4Kids
Cynthia Nixon - n/a
Jennifer Tilly - @Jennifer_Tilly
Trisha Yearwood - @TYcom
Dorothy Hamill - @DorothyHamill
Jenny Jones - n/a
Vanessa Hudgens - @VHOfficial
Ebony Steele - @EbonySteele
John Ondrasik - @johnondrasik
Vida Guerra - @VidaGuerra
Elizabeth Hasselback - @ehasselbeck
Kay Panabaker - @KayPanabaker

Disclaimer time! I've done my best to confirm these accounts, but we all know that accounts are sometimes abandoned, unused or not exactly verified. Please view the timelines before tweeting and remember to be polite, please. The purpose is to raise awareness. 

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