Thursday, February 2, 2012

Still Asking Susan G Komen for the Cure to Change Their Decision?

   The decision to cut ties with Planned Parenthood was made a long time ago, behind closed doors in a "Board Room". It was made "quietly", Nancy Brinker has explained. A quiet decision intended to be kept quiet, because there are no politics involved and transparency is undoubtedly a prized virtue among the "No Choice" leaders that have hijacked a once apolitical and respected charitable nonprofit. In case you missed it, I was being sarcastic.
   The time to "rethink" their decision has long passed. It's too late for that. The Susan G Komen for the Cure "nonprofit" has been transformed into more than a source of funding. It is now a source of influence and political statement. It is a source of intimidation and support for the minority of Americans that advocate a "No Choice" position with regard to aborting a pregnancy for any reason, including those pregnancies that endanger a woman's life or are the result of rape. They have become what Nancy Brinker continues to argue they never would be, a politically motivated "nonprofit" reliant upon networked professionals (as opposed to grassroots activists).
   Petitioning for a different outcome is akin to asking a cheating spouse or partner to stop. The bond of trust is broken, the path to reconciliation inherently requires a period of separation and ultimately, the "cheater" has to make the final decision for themselves, not for you. Just let go, secure in the knowledge that those pink sweatshirts* really only contributed a couple pennies on the dollar to those women who are truly in need of our support. Stop asking the nonprofit behemoth to change their ways, and lets change ours.
   For more information on alternate charities: Shoq Value - Contribute directly to Planned Parenthood

  * It should be noted that not all pink items are directly associated with the Susan G Kormen for the Cure nonprofit.

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