Monday, February 13, 2012

Expanding the Universe of Awesome

   I'm not quite sure when I "created" this blog. I suppose I could look at my incomplete profile and somewhere in the brief description it will likely have the date. I'm pretty sure it was just before the 2010 midterms, but it's really not that important. What IS important is that it was simple to sign up and I have a place I can link to when I want to write an expanded tweet or I just have something to add to a broader discussion. You see, I'm not a dedicated "blogger". Just like I'm not a dedicated video producer. So where am I heading with this? The Goldie Taylor Project.


  Now here's what you want to do. Go to YouTube and register for an account. You get a really cool "Channel" page that you can play with and customize if you want, but the really cool thing? You can "Subscribe" to Goldie Taylor's channel! And THAT helps Goldie get the Truth out, because the truth matters. When you subscribe, you help Goldie reach "Partner" status which means she can get paid and make even more videos about the truth! And the best part? It doesn't cost you anything! It takes about 5 minutes to register and you don't "have to" use your channel page, although they are pretty awesome. But what's even better is that when you visit YouTube again, it will automatically display new videos from your subscriptions on the homepage! You don't have to "seek out" Goldie's channel, she comes right up to you and says "click here" and voila! The Truth!
   It's only 5 minutes and it's important. Are you up to it? Click here: The Goldie Taylor Project: The Truth Matters

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