Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What IS Chistianity?

   A lot of talk about religion and Christianity again. America has a tendency to go "religious" during times of dynamic change. The "big question" starts intruding on everyone's thoughts..."Why am I here? What is the meaning of life?". Or more pertinently, what is the meaning of "my life" and what the hell is the reward? Heaven? Or is it more important to see women give birth to other babies that were as unloved and ignored as me? Ah yes, the Republican slash Conservative dilemma. Yep, we're witnessing the mass public mental breakdown of the Grand Old Party that has become the American Spectacle.
   There are plenty of Republicans that honestly believe it's a worthy debate to be had. To debate whether a candidate's "religiosity" is legitimate. Why? Because they're ignorant fools that haven't really studied their own alleged "Christianity" or religiosity enough to know that the basic tenet of any religion is to simply NOT judge others. Forget that "lest ye be judged" crap. That's just filler from translation. That's the human interference that suggests if you're "worthy enough" you can judge without fear of reprisal. Sorry folks, but if you're really worthy of judging, the primary qualifier is that you will never judge anyone.

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